August 12, 2011

Announcing the Roller Derby 2012 Wall Calendar!

The Roller Derby 2012 Wall Calendar is now available — has all the details!

In my last blog entry "Spread the Infection!" I described my reason for being a derby photographer, and my goal to infect the world with roller derby. I'm proud to announce my next step toward that goal, the Roller Derby 2012 Wall Calendar:

Buy the Roller Derby 2012 Wall Calendar from

This wall calendar includes 13 of my dynamic action photos in full color at 14" wide by 9.25" high, plus over 30 small photos within the large easy-to-read calendar grid. Featured in these photos are 25 of the top women's teams from modern flat-track and banked-track leagues. Once my selection of photos is finalized, I'll post all of the large photos as a preview.

I plan to self-publish this calendar and make it available on Amazon in early October for $14.95. It will also be available at quantity discounts to any leagues and retailers who want to resell it. (If you're interested in reselling it, please email me at

In the terms of my derby infection metaphor, this calendar is my vial of concentrated derby virus. I expect most buyers will be existing derby fans and skaters, but I hope you'll display the calendar where new derby victims will be exposed to it. Financially it's a pretty big risk for me, since I'll have to sell over a thousand calendars just to break even. But I think it's worth the investment to increase the visibility of roller derby, and after all, I love to gamble.

There's one more thing, and for this I need your help. I want to include the dates of as many major derby events as possible, including tournaments, invitationals, conventions, and training camps. There are just a few rules for consideration:
  • The event must be derby-related.
  • It must take place over two or more consecutive days in 2012.
  • The dates must be firm, NOT tentative, and NOT subject to change.
  • My decision is final regarding the inclusion or exclusion of any event in the calendar.

If you have firm dates for any such events, please provide the details — what, when, and where — in the comments below, or email me at The deadline for submitting event dates is September 1, 2011. Of course, I realize that many events for 2012 haven't been planned this far in advance, but I'll take what I can get.


Nagendra Kolluru said...

Awesome!! A very nice creative outlet for your photography. Good to see this calendar come to life.

LibraSnake Photography said...

Here is a link to a European Derby calendar

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